Mih John Fung

You came twisting
Down the lane,
Like a snake on a winding path,
Calling softly as I turned,
To answer the voice
That pricked my heart.

Our lips came suckling
Like hungry twins
On a mother's breast,
And our palms went gently
Like a native healer's
On a patient's abscess.

I wonder what happen now
In this cold, you keep me cold.

My heart so drunk,
Like a bereaved on a lonely path,
Staring and waiting
For the dead to rise,
For nothing do I need
But love, the one thing needful.

Take the tears off my cheeks,
For you may have to bath in it,
And let this love
Sink deep in you,
Then will you know
How much I feel.

Bring back those days
With plenty of love,
Like grains from a fertile field,
And come with those years
When we knew each other's gold.

And ho I cry!
Listen to the voice!
And come closer then,
With a rose for eternal bond.

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